Our mission statement

Who We Are

The Austrian Youth Red Cross, a division of the Austrian Red Cross, is a community of interests that provides training and education for children, young people, and teachers, as well as teaching materials.

Our Goals

  • To help children and young people who are in crisis situations, both in Austria and abroad, by providing hands-on experiences that instil humanitarian values.
  • The diverse activities of the Austrian Youth Red Cross aim to develop self-motivation and the ability to help others, as well as personal and social responsibility. 

What We Stand For

Based on the principles of the Red Cross, we stand for humanitarian service, solidarity work, and tolerance, as well as education in all of these areas. We emphasize the value of the human being and promote peace.  

What We Do

For you...

We support and encourage programs that teach personal development skills and coping mechanisms for difficult phases in life, and provide tools for increasing self-confidence. We convey knowledge and skills about: 

  • Personal health and the environment
  • Peace and conflict
  • How to use the media responsibly

We publish various media tools to support our programs. 

For others ...

We help others through: 

  • Disaster response and assistance, and emergency rehabilitation
  • First aid and safety training, education on humanitarian issues
  • Integration and Therapy camps for children and youngsters

For humanity ...

We disseminate the principles of the Red Cross, the Geneva Conventions, and International Humanitarian Law.

Our Co-Workers Are

  • The national directors and the provincial directors (volunteers and employees)
  • The regional directors
  • The Austrian Youth Red Cross in-school student and teacher representatives

Our Target Groups Include

  • Children and Youth
  • Teachers
  • Opinion Leaders (i.e. parents and other influential people)

Our Partners Are

  • The Austrian Red Cross and all other Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies
  • Public Institutions
  • Sponsors