Peace Education and Conflict Management

Not many people are aware that the Youth Red Cross provides education on peace related issues. Living in peace does not necessarily mean that we have to try to achieve world peace. Instead, everyone can try to live in peace and harmony with the people in one"s personal environment. The Youth Red Cross" peace education programs talk about what it means to live in peace and about basic human rights principles. History tells us that the Youth Red Cross" work in peace education is an important element in the prevention of conflicts.

Almost every young person today has friends at home and abroad. The Youth Red Cross organizes summer camps in Austria based on the theme of "intercultural understanding". Furthermore, the Youth Red Cross sends Austrian students to events organized by other National Societies abroad. These camps help to remove barriers, eliminate prejudices, and achieve international understanding and peace.

International Study and Friendship Camp

Every summer an international Study- and Friendship Camp is arranged by the Austrian Youth Red Cross, where young people, aged between 16 and 23, from all over the world can participate. The young people will spend two weeks in Langenlois, a wine city located in the wonderful area of Lower Austria. One of the main purposes of this camp is that young people from all over the world can meet and exchange their thoughts, experiences and skills, as well as their ways of living and their different mentalities.

To encourage this unique relatedness the camp not only focuses on international understanding but additionally has every year a special theme, on which the camp and also the programme are based on.

Within these two weeks, the intensive exchange is run through a variety of resources and Medias. Issues, concerning young people, are discussed in connection with the principles of the movement of the Red Cross and Red Crescent. This will be done in information-groups, led by competent speakers, and through creative activities. For this, the understanding is a major issue. Therefore, the camp language is English. Otherwise no exchange would be possible.

Always parts of the programme are excursions to Vienna and Mauthausen. This is the chance for all participants to deal with the culture and history of Austria. To provide an insight into the work of the Austrian Youth Red Cross, the recreation camp for disabled children in Horn, in Lower Austria is visited.

Annual a torch light parade takes place, organised by the camp, to get in contact with the population of Langenlois and to set a sign of our efforts.

To give the possibility to present the outcomes of the camp, there is a "Festival of Nations" as a public closing event. Not only every nation will present her/himself, but also the work done on the camp will be displayed. To top off the international understanding, there is a comfortable gathering with international food and drinks afterwards.

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