Training and Education

Helping is all about learning at the Youth Red Cross. Every day, accidents happen at home, on the streets, and in other places. It is therefore important to teach people first aid and accident prevention as early as possible – even the simplest gesture can be an important action in saving someone’s life. 

The Youth Red Cross provides training and education for instance in the following areas:

  1. First Aid 
  2. Aid for the sick 
  3. Swimming and Lifesaving 
  4. Bicycle Safety 

First Aid

The statistics for leisure, sport, and automobile accidents climb drastically each year. Life and death situations often depend on quick and correctly administered first aid. The Youth Red Cross offers courses for both students and teachers within its First Aid Training and Development Program. 

Aid for the Sick

Our bodies react to excessive psychic and organic disturbances by becoming ill. Every illness affects three elements of the person – the body, the soul, and the person’s environment. A sick person’s everyday routines are affected by illness, and so are the lives of their friends and family. In order to recover, a sick person requires lots of support in everyday life and in dealing with their illness.

This course – "Aid for the Sick” – is a way to help restore our own and our family’s health and well-being. Participants in this course learn about healthy lifestyles, as well as how to properly care for sick people at home. Participants practise behaviours and techniques that help them to ensure their own health. They develop skills to help themselves when they become sick. The Youth Red Cross offers such courses for both students and teachers. 

Swimming and Lifesaving

Since 1952, the Austrian Youth Red Cross has been working to decrease the number of swimming accidents by providing swimming and lifesaving training. In the last three years alone, more than 18,500 students have received training in assistance or rescue. This Youth Red Cross program includes Octopus and Early-Swimmer courses for primary-aged children, basic swimming lessons for older children, lifesaving courses, and swimming teacher courses. 

Bicycle Safety

Successful completion of the bicycle examination allows children, ten years of age and older, to ride their bicycles on the streets. 

The bicycle is a great way to get around, and has become an even more popular mode of transportation in the past few years. The bicycle has many advantages – it is environmentally friendly, it is a great way to exercise, and it is easy to move through traffic jams! Bicycle paths in the city allow people to get to their destination while avoiding the frustrations of driving during rush hour. 

It is especially important to teach young people about the rights and duties of cyclists. The Austrian Youth Red Cross has offered its voluntary bicycle examination for over thirty years.